AODD Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps - Classic Series

For difficult conditions - always reliable

The simple design and the generous design of the fluid chambers, these air operated diaphragm pumps are particularly suitable for rough applications and for pumping liquids with solids.

  • Ceramic industry

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • Wastewater and water

  • Food industry

  • Oil and refineries

  • Paints and finishes

and many more



Functional principle - AODD Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

The two diaphragms connected via a piston rod separate the air chamber from the fluid chamber on each side. The two air chambers are filled with compressed air via the air control valve causing the piston rod to move from side to side moving the diaphragm which displaces the fluid in the first chamber. Simultaneously, a vacuum is created in the other fluid chamber as a result of the changing piston position via the suction line which then generates the flow of medium through the chamber. The reverse stroke changes the sequence to the other chamber.

  • Gentle pumping

  • Self priming

  • Can work against closed valves

  • Easy installation

  • Easy to maintain

  • Dry pumping possible

  • ATEX version available

  • Infinitely adjustable over the amount of air

  • High chemical resistance

  • Robust design

The proven design of the classic style air operated diaphragm pump that has been around for decades can be found in our Classic Series. The simple and robust design makes the Classic Series air operated diaphragm pump, a flexible delivery pump for low viscosity to high viscosity fluids. Through the generous design of the liquid chambers and valves, these pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with solids.

The air operated diaphragm pumps of the Classic Series are available in different housing types including plastic injection molding and metal castings. To ensure chemical stability, the pump components such as housings, valves and diaphragm can be matched with one another depending on the application. For use in potentially explosive atmospheres there are ATEX variants with conductive enclosures to choose from. The air-driven operation dispenses with electrical components and the pump can be used very flexibly.

The maintenance-free air control system is available mounted on the outside of the pump and on the regulation of air pressure and air volume flow rate of the compressed air diaphragm pump can be adjusted continuously. Even under adverse conditions, the air operated diaphragm pumps deliver reliable and consistent flow rates.

The air operated diaphragm pumps in sizes 1/4 "to 3" cover a power range from 15 l / min to 1040 l / min.