AODD Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Solid Series

Material Body - AODD Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

Body made of Polyethylene and conductive polyethylene

AODD Air-operated diaphragm pumps with a body made of PE are very sturdy and extremely resistant to abrasion. PE is resistant to many chemicals and takes very little moisture and is comparable in terms of its chemical and thermal characteristics with PP (polypropylene). The mechanical strength of PE is markedly better than that of PP. The abrasion resistance of PE is 7 fold higher than that of PP, even in comparison to steel a 1.5 times higher value is reached. For this reason, the massive PE pumps are often used in pickling baths in electroplating, printing inks, and lime slurry for ceramic bodies and glazes.

Body made of PTFE and conductive PTFE

The air operated diaphragm pump with a housing made of PTFE possesses a smooth surface and, due to the low friction coefficient of PTFE only a small frictional resistance. PTFE is chemically resistant and impermeable. However, the mechanical strength of PTFE is significantly less than that of PE and of limited use due to the rapid flow at cold abrasion.

Body made of aluminium

Air operated diaphragm pumps with aluminum body are used for liquids such as mineral oils, diesel, fuel oil, motor oils, drilling emulsion or solvent-based paints. Suitable for neutral, slightly flammable, neutral pH (pH = 5-8) fluids. Not suitable for halogen hydrocarbons.

Body made of cast iron 

The economical alternative to stainless steel. Well suited for pumping abrasive media, high density and viscosity. For pH 4-5 and 9-10.

Body made of stainless steel

Pump with stainless steel housing have very good corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance. They are suitable for water-based paints, food products and solvent-based media. pH 0-3 and 11-14.