AODD Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Solid Series

DMP-10/55 Plastic

Max. capacity:55 l/min
Max. pressure:8 bar
Connection size medium side:1/2"
Connection size air side:R1/4"
Suction lift dry (ball valve):2,0 m
Suction lift dry (cylinder valve):3,0 m
Suction lift wet:9 m
Max. solid particle size:4 mm
Max. operating temperature PE:70°C
Max. operating temperature PTFE:120°C
Weight PE:5 kg
Weight PTFE:7 kg

Performance curve

The curves show the operation of the air-operated diaphragm pump with water at 20 ° C.


Material Housing:

- PE

- PE conductive


- PTFE conductive

Material diaphragm:

- PTFE composite diaphragm



Other variants:

- Ball valve

- Cylinder valve

- Stroke counter

- Barrier chamber

- Pulsation damper

- Diaphragm monitoring

- Back flusing system